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Inside a modern-day creative agency | A Digital Designer's perspective

22 August 2017

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in a modern-day creative agency? In the following series, we speak to Y&R ANZ employees from every department to get their unique perspective. What better place to start than in the Digital department.


By Rosalie Iaria, Digital Designer for Y&R Melbourne


Which department are you a part of?

I work in the Digital department of Y&R Melbourne.

What are the roles within your department, and how do the roles differ?

In our digital team, we are a collection of designers, producers, web developers and social media manager(s). Collaboratively, we are all tasked with meeting the brief criteria to satisfy the client’s needs.

What software or tools do you use most in your role?

As a digital designer we work on so many diverse projects, which often results in a suite of different tools being used at any one time. For example, in the morning you might be designing banners then in the afternoon animating them, so we get to use a number of programs that are suitable for each respective task. I use Sketch when I design wireframes and UI as well as Invision for prototyping. We also frequently use the Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as Animate for animating banners and After Effects for video content.

Which other departments do you work with?

It depends on the type of job but on most occasions I get to collaborate with Account Services and the Creative teams. Regularly I’ll work closely with an Art Director when a proposal requires specific direction to meet a creative goal. Additionally, we are frequently meeting with the Account Service when we are reviewing work to ensure it is inline with the client's needs, criteria and of course, deadlines.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the diversity of clients and variety of projects. Every day is different with a number of different jobs and products needing consistent work. Our digital space has grown considerably as clients are continually requesting websites, applications, html5 banner campaigns, DMS screens; the list goes on! As our industry becomes increasingly dominated by the digital landscape, we are constantly challenged with keeping up with latest innovations and technologies. These are welcome challenges as our team is empowered to continually learn and develop our skills to make sure they are the most contemporary and innovative.

What’s unique about your team?

We have so many different personalities and experiences in our team, which always makes our meetings and team lunches a fun affair. What I enjoy most is our collective camaraderie; especially when last minute work can sometimes result in consecutive late nights in order to meet a client’s needs. We’re a very supportive team who make the effort to help each other in times of high pressure and demand. For team culture-building, we have the reputable “Digi-Bake Day” every Monday which is not only the envy of other departments, but also gives us the opportunity to catch up and reflect on the crazy week that was!