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Y&R Melbourne launches thought-provoking documentary series for Monash University

02 November 2017

Monash University and Y&R Melbourne have created a five-part documentary series titled, ‘A Different Lens’. The series, geared towards future staff, postgraduates and industry leaders, interrogates the world’s most pressing issues through the eyes of Monash experts and thought leaders.

The first episode, ‘An Automated World’, investigates the impact of robots and artificial intelligence from disciplines as varied as business, philosophy, I.T., and the arts.





Says Caroline Knowles, Monash University Director of Campaign Management: “A Different Lens allows us to talk about global issues from different academic perspectives, demonstrating the depth of experience and expertise students and staff are exposed to at Monash.”

Says James Wills, Creative Director, Y&R Melbourne: “The world’s most pressing issues deserve more than a news headline or quick soundbite. A Different Lens provides an insight into how the brightest minds at Monash understand these issues and relate them to the future of industry and society.”

Future episodes will examine neuroethics, populism, terrorism and sustainability, and will be released in the coming weeks across various channels, including Monash University’s Content Hub:

Client: Monash University
Chief Marketing Officer: Fabian Marrone
Director, Campaign Management: Caroline Knowles
Campaign Management Team: Jane Mahuru & Nikita Wist

Creative Agency: Y&R Melbourne
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Nagy
Executive Creative Director: Jake Barrow
Creative Director: James Wills
Senior Art Director: Shane Dawson
Executive Producer: Sheridan Wadelton
Producer: Emma King
Production Coordinator: Annie Thiele
DOP: Hamish MacGregor
Lead Editor: Hamish MacGregor
Senior Planner: Christine O’Keefe
Group Account Director: Matthew Hunt
Account Directors: Nick Bollard & Sarah Naumoski

Director: Craig Griffin
Editor: Jamie Blanks
Music: DG Music
Animation: Jumbla
Sound Studio: Baxter Sound
Researcher: Denise Erikson