Letter of Gallipoli II




Legacy is a charity that supports Australian military families suffering from disability, death and injury. To commemorate the centenary of Anzac Day, a national holiday that remembers the Gallipoli landing, we created ‘Letters of Gallipoli, a web series that re-told the Anzac story as it happened 100 years ago, to the day. By using real letters that were written by Australians while they were aboard ships, stuck in the trenches and dying in hospital beds, you could follow their stories like never before.

Creative Idea:

‘Letters of Gallipoli’ re-told the story of the Anzacs using letters and diary entries that were written 100 years ago, to the day. The web series allowed you to follow the war as though it were happening today, in personal and confronting detail. A new episode was released daily, read by a cast of Australia’s most respected actors. You’ve heard the Anzac story, but you’ve never heard it like this.


The Anzacs are no longer with us, but their stories should never die. Legacy wanted to remind a younger generation of Australians the true and personal impact of war. By recruiting some of Australia’s most respected actors to read letters and diary entries from the Gallipoli campaign, we gave forgotten soldiers a new voice. The Anzacs’ stories were read on the exact day they were written 100 years ago and were broadcast on a media channel without an editorial filter, giving a new perspective on our oldest stories.


Every day, we released a new episode in the web series on lettersofgallipoli.com, YouTube and social media. Over one week, Australians were privy to firsthand accounts of the Gallipoli campaign. At first, the men were excited to be travelling to different parts of the world. But their voices changed as they experienced the brutality of war. Their stories were personal, confronting and heartbreaking, brought to life with a cast of exceptional Australian talent. ‘Letters of Gallipoli’ soon gained the attention of major news networks and some of Australia’s biggest brands, who promoted the campaign unprompted on national TV and social networks.