Life Saving Stickers

Australian Road Safety Foundation



In Queensland, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 motorists exceed the 50km/h speed limit in residential areas – the streets that many children call home. Despite being exposed to so many road safety ads, the message just wasn't hitting home, and drivers were switching off. The Australian Road Safety Foundation challenged us to find a way to change behavior – and ideally to do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional big budget TVC’s.



People become complacent in their own local streets. We needed to jolt people into thinking about the hazards that can pop out when driving in their local areas.



Every week over 850,000 rubbish bins are pushed out onto the streets of Queensland. We used this untapped media to push home a valuable road safety message to drivers.   We created Life Saving Stickers - a set of stickers featuring children on the go, to be placed on your wheelie bin.



The stickers ranged in child age, height and activity – whether they were playing, going to school or kicking a ball. We also included 50km/h speed limit stickers in the pack. The stickers turned what could have been a generic safety message into a much more personal one, with residents giving a one-on-one reminder to other drivers in their street.

We launched the campaign on social media as kids went back to school after the Easter holidays. Launching on social media allowed us to target active community groups, parenting groups as well as road safety organisations – who shared and commented on the initiative, giving us a much larger scale than we had anticipated.  Before we knew it, parents, residents, community groups, school bodies and large organisations were chasing down stickers for their streets.

The CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation conducted over 50 interviews across TV/Radio and Print in just 3 days. The initial print run of stickers was snapped up in days, with the ARSF immediately setting up an online purchase function through their website.  It is now a key fundraising activity for the Foundation.


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