Melanoma Likes Me

Melanoma Australia


The Challenge:

Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA), tasked us raising awareness among young Australians of just how easy it is to become a victim of melanoma.

MPA research shows that most people think melanoma only happens to older people, when in actual fact, more and more young Australians are being diagnosed with melanoma. It is now the most lethal cancer for those aged between 15 and 30.

Coupling that, this age group’s appetite for mainstream media is at an all-time low. They barely watch TV, listen to radio or read press. They are however, voracious users of digital and social media.

So how do you convince young Australians to take better care in the sun? MPA wanted them to start by finding out more information on diagnosis and skin checks at the MPA website, but they also wanted to deploy a campaign that could have instant effect on behavior.


Mobiles and social media now go hand in hand with outdoor activities in the summer months. So we created a “real time response”, mobile campaign that spoke straight to young people at the time they were most in danger of causing their skin irreparable cancer damage and as they were sharing their outdoor activities on Instagram and Twitter.


An online persona for Melanoma who ‘liked’, ‘followed’, and ‘commented’ on young Australians’ social media activities, in real time.


An application linked to Twitter and Instagram web APIs was developed to search for posts from a library of popular hashtags and geo-locations related to outdoor activities. The application aggregated these posts and notified our social media team in real-time, so they could respond with sinister messages from Melanoma.

We also created a mobile site that allowed them to easily check their moles and marks on their skin, and showed if melanoma was creeping up on them.


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