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Monash University

Question The Answers
Question The Answers


In our film for Monash University we take viewers on a journey through a dystopic life of ordinary, shot in black and white, where ideas wither under the glare of conservatism. It’s a life where what has always been done - never changes. But against these haunting images our agitator, with wit and a raised eyebrow shakes the cage. He thanks the status quo, thanks the conservative, the white sheep and those who never rock the boat. Because, as he points out, if it wasn’t for the norm and the status quo then there would be nothing to question.



Monash is Australia’s largest university and amongst the top 80 universities globally. Big universities usually conjure up an image of being staid, rigid and machine-like. But not so Monash.

To Monash ‘big’ means big ideas on a big stage.

Monash draws students from all over the world and has a reputation as a highly progressive university that has amassed an astonishing number of breakthroughs in the area of science, medicine, business and the arts.
At Monash, the aim isn’t to tell you what think, rather to learn how to think by challenging the status quo and seeking out new answers.

Question The Answers