Wait With A Mate

The Lost Dogs Home



Dogs provide an endless amount of unconditional love, support and meaningful companionship. Research also shows that our four-legged friends help counteract loneliness, depression and anxiety, making it easier to get through the tougher times we all experience in life. So it really is a shame that over 40% of Australians see shelter dogs as damaged goods, and many of them have never even experienced the joys of pet ownership. The Lost Dogs Home wanted to run a special adoption drive focused towards capturing the immeasurable joy pets bring to their owners lives, while changing negative perceptions about shelter dogs. They wanted to find a way to cut through the clutter and engage people to seriously consider pet adoption. 



Wait with a Mate is a fully immersive experience that allows commuters waiting on a train platform to engage in a playful game of fetch with an energetic pooch. The digital display tracks throwing motions via an in-built sensor and projects a ball’s path on screen accordingly. Once the dog has retrieved the digital ball, a real tennis ball with adoption information gets dispensed. This brought the digital experience into the real world and left users with a token of their newly formed friendship that they could then take to The Lost Dogs Home and use to redeem pet adoption discounts.



Although a large portion of Australians seem to view shelter dogs as damaged goods, we found that misconceptions disappear and bonds quickly form as soon as they get the chance to interact with these dogs. The problem was, people live such busy lives and it’s not always easy to get them to positively interact with a playful pooch without interrupting their day. To get people to engage with pets where they normally wouldn’t, we had to bring the pooches to them in a non-intrusive manner and in an environment where they’d be super receptive. So we thought, why not play on the biggest benefit of dog ownership by catching people when they were in need of a pick me up and giving them one.



Wait with a Mate targeted bored commuters at Australia’s busiest train station by injecting a little excitement into their day while they waited for the train.

The campaign was launched in December 2016 and ran across an entire week at Southern Cross Station, the perfect high foot-traffic experiential location where traffic figures reached over 400,000. Adoption information and advice was provided by volunteers from The Lost Dogs Home. Wait with a Mate was an immersive activation delivered through the perfect platform that was able to cut through the clutter and connect with consumers in a memorable and meaningful way.