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Find Out Before You Come Out
Find Out Before You Come Out

You’re Accepted was an Australia-wide campaign launched in April, 2016. We launched our initiative through Minus18, the website frequented by every LGBTI youth in Australia. Our message was simple; You're Accepted will prove to you, that there's a lot more support out there than you might think.LGBTI youth could then log into You're Accepted and request support from their friends. We matched their friends list with contact details they provided via Facebook’s custom audience targeting system. We then sent out personalised (anonymous) requests of support to these individuals, telling them one of their friends was LGBTI and needed their support. Their friends could then simply reply with messages of support. All messages were collated for the original sender, making it obvious they had more support than ever previously imagined.

Our audience was twofold. The main target being LGBTI young Australians aged between 15 and 24 - they needed support. This age group’s interaction with mainstream media is on the decline. But, over 90% of the primary target actively engage with social media. So we purposely created an idea which stemmed from their Facebook friend groups. With different messages being delivered to different demographics, running a digital campaign gave us the flexibility to be as loud or as discreet as needed. Our secondary audience were their friends - the ones we needed to GIVE the support. Our idea made it possible for the LGBTI youth to target their friends for us. Every single person who received a message was exactly the right person needed to see it. Meaning, there was absolutely no wastage.

You’re Accepted is the anonymous Facebook tool that gives LGBTI youth the courage to 'come out' to their friends and loved ones without any fear of being discovered or discriminated against. The platform allows them to garner support from people they’re closest to and helps them to gauge how their friends will react. A person begins by requesting support. Then utilising Facebook friend groups and email/phone contacts, it allows people, for the first time, to send anonymous personalised messages to friends and family through laser targeted Facebook ads.The personalised messages asked if they’d support a friend if they were to 'come out' – without telling them who exactly was requesting it. Friends could then log in and send messages of support directly back to the user.

So far an estimated 67% of Australian LGBTI youth have engaged with the initiative. Leading to over 1.1 million messages of support. The campaign was quickly picked up and spread across the media and social media, reaching over half of Australia's population through earned media alone. Although the initiative was always about showing people how much support they really have, there have been a huge number of young people who have felt empowered enough to 'come out' as a direct result of the campaign. This astonishing early impact has shown that a simple insight driven initiative can change people’s lives in a huge way.The idea is set to transcend the life of a regular campaign and will live on as an ongoing social tool, that will transform the lives of LGBTI youth struggling with their identities for years to come.

Find Out Before You Come Out


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